Video: #Freestyle by Mimi Dabbabi @Mimikulturekid (on ‘I Want You’ by Flako & Dirg Gerner) #TKK @Thekulturekids #Tha5elements

I asked Mimi if she wanted to help me out on a video I was working on where I had to explain to several groups of dancers a few basic things on filming a video. With footage from the shoot I explained some techniques and principles. I won’t show you the video lesson but I will show you the edit on Mimi’s freestyle.

Mimi choose the music and told me she really wanted to shoot this one in a forest, or at a lake. I happen to live nearby the scenery from the video, so I knew some cool spots.

The forest isn’t your usual location to shoot an urban freestyle. But I must say that I’m pleased with the end result. And doesn’t Mimi look lovely! She’s a member of The Kulture Kids. Check out their channel on Youtube.

Dancer: Mimi Dabbabi
Video: Joram Letwory
Music: Flako & Dirg Gerner
Camera: Canon 7d
Lenses: Canon 15-85mm and Sigma 30mmm f/1.4
Shooting time: 2 hours
Pre production time: I asked Mimi one day before we shot the freestyle 🙂
Location: a forest near Utrecht (The Netherlands)