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A New Tha5elements website??!!

http://www.tha5elements.com & http://www.tha5elements.nl 

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The New Website Will Be In English/Dutch Volume 3.0


– What Do You Think Is Missing-Out???

– What Would You Like To See On It???

– A Foum

– Your own content upload possibilities [Your content] Video/Mp3/Photo/ [Uploads]

– More Music [What Kind Of Music?? Rnb/HipHop/Soul/Funk/Jazz/Debstep….]

– Celebrity News

– Fashion

– Reviews

– Interviews

– Calendar with /Event/Workshops [All Elements] Parties/Event/ [WorldWide/National….]

– More Inlightment on peeps in tha streets/scene

– More on what…. Tell us…. and so on!!

– What Do You Like It To Be 

– Blog

– Information website

– Interaction website

– Startpage

– Profile Web Community

– News Source

– Information source Database

– What Don’t You Want To See Anymore???

Because If We Better Know What

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