Video: JungleBreaks 2011 Promo [HD] – Trailer 1 of 3 – Inside the Jungle #Tha5elements

This is the first trailer made for the Event JungleBreaks.
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Amsterdam of Movement
Presents JungleBreaks
Location Compagnie Theater


Trailer was created &
Edited by G.V Kempenaar

JungleBreaks is a concept by
by G.V Kempenaar

JungleBreaks is Produced by
S.Everduim & G.V Kempenaar

Thanks to The Beat Bastards! you know who you are who helped out!
Thanks to our friend for helping us out without them this event wouldn’t be possible

Ian kern (
Yari Ahne ( production & more )
Wouter Boot ( Production )

Ronald VD Velde
Linford Moussaide

Matt ( No Love )
Peter ( Digital Techniques )

Serginho Brooks
Delano SteenMeijer ( photograpy )
Charissa Meulens ( photography )

Gavin Kempenaar ( Video )
Bauke Bakker ( Video )
Magazino ( Video )

Garrot Nelson
Thias Lopez ( Thesis )
Payed his own ticket to support our event in Amsterdam!

Make Up / Sminck / Paint

Michella Dijkinga
Glodean Kempenaar
Cassandra Sowikromo


Kids Battle Judges

Bboy Emile ( The Destroyer )
Matt ( No Love )
Ian ( I Core )

Judges 3 vs 3

Rawdee EXG
Duzk RS 05
Sylvain SkillDealers / Just4Fun / Amsterdam ( oldskool cat still reppin )42 years old and still going strong!


Jouw Idee
Sponsors CarHartt
5 Elementz