Video: Guthrie: Drop The Mic! | @STRIFETV | #Highlights #Tha5elements

11.26.2011 – Minneapolis, Minnesota. Guthrie Theater. Drop The Mic!

filmed & edited by

  • Daniel Zhu

  • Lito Biala

Mt Eden – Sierra Leone

Drop the Mic is a fusion of the latest hip-hop dance stylists with a contemporary theatrical twist. Local choreographic team Dario Mejia and Giselle Mejia have directed the finest up-and-coming talent in the Twin Cities. The show will be hosted by Levi Martin with DJ Los Boogie on the turntables. Performers include emerging singer/songwriter Alicia Steele, tap dancer Ricci Milan And-a-one on the mic, and b-boy Kailen Nelson. An exhibition of two of the best breaker crews – War Machines (Twin Cities) vs. Gravity Benders (Milwaukee) – will battle for number one. Drop the Mic is packed with powerful group performances including Curio Dance, Obtuse Crew, Heartbreakers and Titambe West African Dance Group. Not to mention a sneak performance from members of Team iLuminate as recently seen on “America’s Got Talent” on NBC!