#Tha5News: Youtube Sensation: Keenan Cahill @KeenanCahill Announces New Video w/ @50Cent @Thisis50, Getting Into Singing & Meeting Jennifer Aniston @Youtube #Tha5elements

Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Youtube Sensation, Keenan Cahill.

He talks about shooting a brand new video with 50 Cent for his new single, how he started getting into doing parodys, Katy Perry showing him love by spreading his video, “Teenage Dream” online, when he first realized that he is a celebrity, growing up in Chicago, going to actual singing, who he was surprised to meet, his favorite kind of music is & he shares his experiences with celebrities such as 50 Cent, LMFAO, Jennifer Aniston, David Guetta & much more!