Video: @Eszteca’s – Dutch Old School Dancers 1991 – Part 1 #Tha5elements #T5E #Dance #Oldschool

I’m sharing a collection of authentic old school hiphop dance footage that was taken since 1989. This video contains footage of my crew N.A.M.E during the first Gapstar (G-Star) fashion trade show in 1991.

THIS IS ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC HIPHOP MATERIAL! how it was done many years ago long before the dance class, sytycd and battle event culture. This is a great dutch contribution to the international History of Hiphop dance.

N.A.M.E was formed in 1989 known for raw Hiphop dancing and MC’ing who seperated themselves from the commercial New Jack Swing movement. They are also known to be the 1st gen Hiphop dancers in Holland since 1982 and they are the first House dancers in Europe since 1989.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the many authentic video’s I’m about to release!


Eszteca Noya (17)
Murthy Mossel (20)
Vespa Emanuelson (20)
Babrbara Rose (17)
Patrick Cesar(The Deff Boyz crew Lockers UK)
Chris (The Deff Boyz crew Lockers UK)

John Agesilas (MC & Host for the show!)

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