Video: Meet OUR Bboys – A Street Soul TV #Documentary

A documentary about Bboy Dyzee (Supernaturalz) and the OUR Judging system.
Featuring Dyzee, Born, Focus, Power Serge, Epic, Tich, Omac, Pedro, Janice, Moo and Bill.


Filming. editing & Drawings: Hiski Hämäläinen , )
Editing Assistance and consulting: Anssi Saviluoto
Original Score by: Anttti (Elmeri Turunen)

Graffiti by Lanre “Hakeem” Pedro
Drumming by Jae Young Song “Killahsong” )

Copyright, Street Soul TV and Hiski Hämäläinen. This was a non-for-profit project.
R16 DVD footage by the consent from Charlie Shin, Cartel Creative.

Source: Patrice Danielle