AmsterdamofMovement: SpringBreaks & Lovers of Movement: Present: March 31st, SpringBreaks April, 1st Workshops: BboyKido + Tawfiq

 March 31st, 2012, SpringBreaks!

After That WorkShops

SpringBreaks & Lovers of Movement are working hard for your enjoyment. We believe in sharing the knowledge and the love dance & movement! So we arranged a beautifull spot at RaamPlein 1, Amsterdam. Very close to LeidsePlein only 1 minute Away!

We have 2 great dansers who are giving away a workshop.
2 dansers a 3 hour workshop!

So if you want to learn more about breaking after SpringBreaks. Tell your friends because we have Bboy Kido & Tawfiq.

Teaching about PowerMoves, Style, Flows, Transitions, Steps and different ways how to use all of this in your own dance style.

Check out the Flyer!

Spread the Word to your Friends, Kids & Dancers!
Inspire the youth!

 Tawfiq Amrani


Gavin Kempenaar GK

Diego Oliveira