Dj Lean Rock: Themes of the Rough and Rugged (The Boom Bap Vol. 2) x LeanRockMixes x Headnod 303


DJ Lean Rock (Floor Lords, Boogie Brats and Horse Power Bbeat Militia) is one of the busiest Break DJs in the game. Hailing from Boston MA, Lean Rock has been a b-boy for nearly 17 years and a DJ for 6. He goes the extra mile to dig for rare funky Breaks that no one else is rocking has led him to gigs in Holland, Germany, Bolivia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Taiwan, England, Mexico, Canada and other places across the globe not to mention top battles including Battle of the Year, IBE, Freestyle Session, UK Bboy Champs, Bboy Hodown, Hip Opsession, World Bboy Classic, Bboy City, Outbreak, Mighty 4, United Styles and many more. In the tradition of such legendary b-boys turned DJs as Jazzy Jay, GrandWizzard Theodore and GrandMixer DXT, Lean Rock is carrying the torch, doing his part to preserve both the b-boy and DJ elements of Hip Hop culture.

Boston Massacre Break Mix (2007)
Mass Murda Break Mix (2007)
Lord of the Drums (2009)
The Bboy Spot Mixtape (2010)
That Hard Latin Soul (2011)
Headnod 101 (2011)
Ingredientz of Flava (2011)

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