Update 04.01.2012: Union Jam 2012 #Groningen @RootsnRoutes @HOOPDOOPMAG @RESPECTMAG @BboyWorld #T5E

Union Jam Groningen – International B-Boy/B-Girl practice Session

Hello everyone,

Happy new year to all of you!!! I hope you had a nice New Years Eve celebration!!!

This Friday the bboy/bgirl weekend in Groningen will take place and we have some new updates for the Event.
On Friday evening there is a 1984 Crew New Years Reception party and on Saturday there will be some workshops with; James Puppet, Rabbani and Koko …

We can confirm that DJ Mista Sweet, Arthur and paaater are going to spin for the whole weekend.

So, even if you are not into Bboying/Bgirling and you are in Groningen just come by and check it out!!! Everyone is welcome!!!

Please let me know if ya can make it to Union Jam 2012!

Thanks & Peace!





Location: Dansschool-Freestyle / Groningen Dance Center