Meet: Sheyda Darab a.k.a. MissTwo-Face

I’m Sheyda Darab, artist name Miss Two-Face. I was born in Isfahan, Iran and fled to the Netherlands when I was 8. At age 16 I started Bellydancing, a dancestyle from my culture. When I was 18 I got in touch with Hip Hop. I’ m an autodidact who considers every dancer as an individual with an authentic dance personality and statement. The most important thing is bringing out this statement with dance. I also believe that a person’s dance is a reflection of his or her soul read more…

New Project She Worked In And On.

So you think you will dance? Sometimes things are not what they seem. Men, women and children are trafficked – tricked, forced and exploited in the sex industry. Awareness campaign devised and produced by Duval Guillaume Modem in support of STOP THE TRAFFIK. Visit to get involved. Music by Raveyards vs. Uinxxx.